Happy Reformation Day! This half-Lutheran loves any day that gives her a reason to watch Luther (the 2003 version, because Joseph Fiennes is hot, not the black and white version).

Here are some updates since Monday:

  • I dyed my hair a “medium reddish brown”
  • I made my potato soup and you could smell it outside of our apartment, it was magical.
  • My roommate cleaned out our fridge!! (It had not been cleaned out since before she moved in 2 months ago, so that was really fun probably, I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but I do appreciate it)
  • This morning I got coffee with my friend Emily and her son Judah, and it was the best!!!
  • I started Madam Secretary, and I have fallen in love with everything about it.

At this moment I am at work watching Harry Potter and throwing candy at teenagers…my job is not the worst job.

My coworker Jaclyn dressed as Barb for Halloween. She went to go pick some of our guys up from school and one of them thought that she was “some pervert” trying to get him in the car…that being said, he DID still walk up to the car…looks like we have to work on safety.

Tomorrow officially starts my off week, and I am very excited about all the things I have planned!! However, right now I am mostly just exhausted, so I’m going to go back to watching Harry Potter with my boys.

I hope all of you have had so many treats tonight, and if you like scary things – go watch the Haunting of Hill House RIGHT NOW!!


Love, Hannah

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