Self Care

Sometimes you tell yourself you’re going to get up and go to the gym at 9 AM…and then you sleep until noon and go to Olive Garden with a friend instead. That is what I like to call self care.

Of course the gym is also a form of self care, but sometimes, especially for me, you just have to sleep for a solid 11 hours after not really sleeping for 3 weeks straight. And then, because falling asleep and staying asleep is enough of a challenge, you have to reward yourself with some breadsticks and chicken and gnocchi soup.

Now that I am no longer in college I do not have access to free therapy, so I have to be way more intentional on taking care of myself, and making sure that I am dealing with my mental health issues in a healthy way. This is a huge reason as to why you are reading this blog post right now – journaling does nothing for me. I am conceited and need my words to be read by others, and not just myself.

I asked friends on Facebook what their favorite ways to take care of themselves were. Most people said face masks, baths, getting nails/hair done, etc., which are all great forms of self care! However, I found it very interesting that the majority of people that commented, and also the majority of people that I normally hear talk about self care are women. Listen up men, ya’ll need to take care of yourselves too. Shout out to my cousin Luke for taking care of himself by going to three different drive-thrus to get the perfect meal.

Self care is definitely the face masks, the bubble baths, and the mani/pedis. It is also taking a day off to clean your house and take some things off your to-do list that you have been avoiding. It’s taking a break from social media or unfollowing/deleting people  that make you feel bad about yourself. It’s reaching out to your friends when you know you need them. It’s going to a comedy show or the movies and forgetting about your problems for two hours. It’s drinking water, and eating healthier when you would rather get fast food.

For my roommate self care is leaving her room after 3 days to take a shower and eat…it is also weirdly enough, going to Walgreen’s “just to look.” I don’t know what it is, but the girl loves Walgreen’s.

Self care is different for everyone, and it is not a one time thing. I want to challenge all of you to take some time for yourself today, and tomorrow, and next week. I promise, it cannot hurt anything.

Love, Hannah