Negativity & Gratitude

Lately I have realized how easy it is to be negative.

At this exact moment I am watching One Tree Hill (season 2, the sleepover episode), my dog is sleeping on my lap, all of my Christmas decorations are up, and my Bath & Body Works “comfort” candle is lit. These are literally some of my most favorite things. It feels like I’m back in high school and it’s Christmas break – except I’m alone, I don’t have my mom’s cheese dip to snack on all day long, my dad didn’t make giant homemade waffles this morning, my best friends live 400-1400 miles away, and I don’t get to spend any holidays with my family….again.

I know you can’t see my typing this, but it was way easier to come up with that negative sentence than to list all of my favorite things that are physically near me right now.

It’s easy to be negative when you believe that you have something to be negative about. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself when you have an image in your head of how your life is going to be and then it doesn’t happen.

Over the past week my Facebook friends have been posting something that they are thankful for everyday. I thought to myself “that would be really good for me, I should do that” but then I looked at the date and it was November 3rd, and I decided it was too late since I missed November 1st and 2nd…which I am aware is a dumb thought process. So, I’m going to list the things I’m thankful for here because gratitude is good for the heart and I have plenty to be positive about.

  • My friends and family
    • My friends and family are the best ever, and you probably think that about your friends too – and I hope yours are, but hear me out. My mom drove 400 miles one way just to spend a few days with me. My friend Michelle came from St. Louis to spend the weekend with me. My grandparents let me stay with them in Arkansas and made all of my favorite foods. My friend Melissa bought me groceries, chocolate, and flowers. My friends Emily and Ruth brought me treats at work. My friends have made themselves available to get coffee with me, have movie nights, go out, etc. And my far away friends and family have been there for me via sweet/funny texts and facetimes. I am the luckiest. I sincerely hope you are as well.
  • My faith
    • My faith in Jesus Christ has definitely saved me over the past few weeks. Every day for the past month I have had some type of reminder that God has a plan for me and that everything is going to be okay. That may sound cheesy to some people, but I cannot express how beautiful it is to feel at peace with a situation you thought was the end of your world.
  • TV
    • Guys, I just love TV so much. I love everything about it. I love that I can sit on my couch for 5 days straight and get through 11 seasons of a TV show (remember, I don’t sleep). I love falling in love with a new show. I love that I have seen so much TV and there are still so many shows to watch!!! It is amazing.
  • My job
    • While I am thankful to have a job that gets my bills paid every month – I am more thankful to get to have an opportunity to make a difference in the boys lives that I work with. Also, they are hilarious and give me so much material for this blog. Along with all of that, my coworkers are wonderful. They get me coffee, and cupcakes, and make me laugh, and always have my back.
  • Old Navy
    • Your girl loves consistency, comfort, and cheap things – and Old Navy is all of those things. I don’t even have to try clothes on there. I just walk in and grab clothes. I live in Old Navy jeans and t-shirts. If you have never tried a pair of Rockstar Old Navy jeans, please go try them, they will change your life.
  • My dog
    • Aurora does what she wants and is incredibly sassy for a 13 pound dog that would not survive without me. She loves to sleep and is very cuddly. She hates to be left alone and barks at every person who goes past our door, but she just wants attention and love – which is very relatable.

As of this moment, I am at my friend Jaclyn’s house. We were very excited to watch This Is Us tonight…but unfortunately we did not take into consideration that NBC would be covering the elections tonight, so I know I just wrote all of those positive things but I’m ending it on a not so positive not because I just love Randall so much and I am so sad to not be able to cry about fake characters and fake situations tonight.

Okay, bye.

Love, Hannah