Do You Think Jellyfish Think???

Thursday started my week back at work, and I will be honest, I was not super excited to come back. This past off week was so nice to not have to go by a schedule. However, it did not take too long to be reminded why I work here – the boys are hilarious and so sweet.

Friday night the boys cleaned the house so that we could have a Harry Potter marathon – in the middle of the Prisoner of Azkaban the boy sitting next to me turned to me and asked “do you think jellyfish think???”

Another boy was trying to annoy me and a boy said to him “you can’t annoy Hannah, she just thinks it’s charming” ……that is not true, but it is adorable that they think that – and nice to hear that I am at least semi-good at hiding when I am annoyed.

Work is also getting more exciting, as the holidays get closer. Today the boys filled out their Christmas lists, and we have our annual alumni Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.

While I love my job and I do love Springfield, lately I have not felt very connected and have found myself wanting to be anywhere but Springfield. This is unfortunate because while I do have plenty of free time to travel (and plenty of places to go), I only have like $30 in my bank account. So, I have been praying to feel content (or a raise, whichever works), looking for more productive things to do to stay busy, and planning a trip to see my best friend in March. (March is so far away, how will we ever survive this much excitement for that long???) Anyways, I got some exciting news last night that should help with my off weeks (I will explain more in a different blog, so stay tuned!)

At this moment, Jaclyn and I are out with two of our boys for dinner. One of them told us that he thought something mean about another person and had to stop himself from saying it out loud. Jaclyn told him to tell God and repent. The boy then said “Dear God, please repent me.” …..we’re working on basic theology.

Life is so interesting. I hope all of you have had a great week!!

Love, Hannah