The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

At this moment I am hosting a sleepover with a 15 year old, 17 year old, and 20 year old. Somehow, unbeknown to me, these girls have lived this long without seeing a movie that has greatly impacted my life over the past 13 years: the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants changed 11 year old Hannah’s life, and still remains a classic and is just as magical for 24 year old Hannah.

Nothing is more important to me than female friendships, so it shouldn’t be too shocking that one of my most influential movies is a movie about female friendships. There is not much that can make you feel stronger than your best girl friends supporting you.

(Btw, while writing this I took a quiz to see which character I am most like and I got Tibby, and my roommate said “that makes so much sense” and I am not at all surprised by this information either.)

Anyways in case there are more of you people out there that haven’t seen this beautiful movie, here is my quick review!

Blake Lively (Bridget), Alexis Bledel (Lena), America Ferrara (Carmen), and Amber Tamblyn (Tibby) are four best friends who are completely different and have been friends for their entire life. Their moms were all pregnant together and met each other doing aerobics, which is so fun.

There is a montage of all the horrible things the girls have gone through before the story starts: Bridget’s mom dies, Carmen’s dad leaves her and her mom while it’s raining, and Tibby’s parents decide to have another baby.

Anyways, the girls are all going to be separated for the summer for the first time in their lives, so their last night together they go shopping and find the jeans. These jeans aren’t just like Old Navy Rockstar jeans – no, these jeans are better than that. These magical jeans fit each girl perfectly!!!!!

So they come up with the sisterhood of the traveling pants – each girl will have the pants for a week and then send the pants to another girl with a letter of the most exciting thing that happened while they were wearing the pants. But my favorite rule is “love your sisters, and love yourself” ugh, my heart.

The rest of the movie follows the girls throughout the summer – Lena goes to Greece to visit her grandparents, Bridget goes to Mexico for soccer camp, Carmen goes to South Carolina to visit her dad, and Tibby stays at home and makes a documentary.

Each of the girls go through difficult situations that they have to grow through – and they obviously have to do this alone. This seems horrible to 16 year old girls, but it is real life. When we go through hard times and have to change/grow, our friends cannot do this for us – we have to do it on our own.

In the end the girls reunite and it is beautiful. This is the best to me, because so many of my best girl friends live so far away, but this movie shows that distance and time apart mean nothing.

“But we knew now that no matter how far we traveled on our own separate paths…somehow we would always find our way back to each other.” 

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please watch it. It is the best. Also, it came out in 2005 so the soundtrack is mostly songs likes Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” and it is so fun, and makes me so happy. 5 out of 5, strongly recommend.

Love, Hannah