Tuesday, etc.

I’m going to be honest, I have not had any inspiration for this blog today..BUT I promised myself I would post on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so here we are.

My cousin Rhiannon told me to write about our “endless desire to find love,” and how we know it’s there and that even though our lives are a series of unfortunate events, we still have high hopes. This is very true for me and Rhiannon, we are constantly affirming each other that we will find love – but that doesn’t sound like a fun thing to write about right now. Don’t worry, I’ll get to that eventually. I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about our dreams of Disney weddings and husbands who somehow love Disney as much as we do, and all of our future trips to Disney World together with our future families (dream big, friends).

My coworker Ramon, who claims he is my biggest fan, told me to write about shower thoughts – which could be hilarious but I feel it’s important I should wait until my shower thoughts aren’t just sassy responses to a conversation that hasn’t/won’t happen….I’ll get there.

My old roommate and friend Rachel told me to write about my favorite Thanksgiving dishes, but I’m not sure how long I can write about sweet potatoes… however, one year my mom gave my sister marshmallow duty and she didn’t know that marshmallows expanded and it looked like Baymax was inside our oven. That is my favorite Thanksgiving memory. (I’ve searched my insta, and cannot find a picture, I apologize because it was so funny).

Jaclyn told me that I should write about everything that people do that annoys me, which is a VERY long list that gets very specific very fast, and I’m not necessarily out here to hurt people’s feelings, buuut I may still do it at some point because I can’t afford therapy.

I also have made a list of blog posts that I want/could do…but I don’t want to do them today. Definitely later though.

So I guess I’ll just start talking and we’ll see where it goes!

This week I have been off work, and I have spent my week with my girls Kambria and Kosette. Kam and Kosette have been like younger sisters to me for the past 4 years, and I love being able to spend so much time with them. They are hilarious, smart, and the sweetest. Sunday night I let them pick out as many books of mine as they wanted, and they picked literally all of my favorites. I’m so excited for them to start reading and hear their thoughts.

Kosette and I started The Princess Switch with Vanessa Hudgens, we haven’t finished it yet, but I can already tell that I will probably write a blog about it.

At this moment I’m sitting in Jaclyn’s basement waiting for the new episode of This Is Us (no elections to ruin our night!!) Randall Pearson is one of my favorite TV characters ever, and while I’m here, if you are a dude around the ages of 24-34, single, and have a personality exactly like Randall Pearson’s, let’s just go ahead and get married!! Okay, thanks!

Alright, well This Is Us is on now! Please let me know what YOU think I should write about. Maybe I will feel more inspired Saturday (:

Love, Hannah