My goals for 2018 were to be healthier and read 50 books…I have lost 25 pounds this year, and I am currently reading my 34th book. This means I have 16 more books to read in 38 days…

When I first did the math I had 19 books to read in 41 days. I laughed out loud. I knew that it was possible, but did I really want to give up Netflix for the next month and actually do it?

(While I’m here, Hulu has a deal going from now through Monday for 99 cents a month for the next 12 months! I made a new email account for this, as I have already used my student email, regular email, and work email for free trials….gotta use your resources. I don’t want you to be left out, so go make a new email if you have to, and get Hulu for 99 cents!! Unless you are Jaclyn, and think you are better than everyone else and can’t have commercials, then I guess go ahead and pay $12, you millennial weirdos.)

But anyways, I decided that I did want to finish my goal! So, yesterday I read 2 books, and today I started another book that I will likely finish tonight – So Far by my favorite human, Kelsey Grammer!! Very excited. Love him so much.

I now feel much different about my book goal, like J.K. Rowling said when asked about making 5 Fantastic Beasts movies instead of 3 – I am confident in my ability to deliver. Who knows, maybe I’ll read MORE than 50 books….we’ll see.

As for the healthier goal, I did not decide on a goal weight because that is too much pressure, and I didn’t feel like losing all of the self-confidence I have built over the past 24 years. But I am working at being healthier, and I am so much better than 2017 Hannah, which is what it’s all about right? I have a gym membership and force myself to go at least twice a week, usually, sometimes. I drink so much more water. I eat smaller portions. I meal plan occasionally… These are all things 2017 Hannah would be horrified of, so I am proud, and that is what matters.

Like I mentioned before, I did not choose a goal weight because I do not like viewing myself through numbers on a scale. That type of mentality is so damaging, and we all know I can’t afford therapy right now. However I can feel and see the difference that my lifestyle changes have made, and I DID go down a size in Old Navy jeans, which I let myself be excited about.

My goals for 2019 will to continue to be healthier, and to read 75 books…I haven’t thought of any others, but I will be working on more goals over the next month.

What were your goals for this year? Have you thought about next year? Let me know!

Love, Hannah