Top Female TV Characters

TV has been my most favorite thing for as long as I can remember. My mom always says she has no idea how I became so obsessed with TV…but who was it that let me watch JAG and Friends with her every night when I was 11 years old? Kim McCormick. And who started buying me 7th Heaven DVD sets in 4th grade? Kim McCormick. And if I called Kim McCormick right now at 7:15 pm on a Tuesday, do you know what she would say? She would say “Hannah, it’s NCIS night, I can’t talk.” Soooo, I think I know where I got it from.

Over the past 24 years I have been inspired and shaped by TV. TV has affected my ways of thinking, how I tell jokes, how I relate to things, etc.

So tonight, I’m going to talk about my favorite female characters, who have taught me so much in my life. I love them like they are my best friends.

1. Roz Doyle, Frasier

Roz is so comfortable with herself. She is a female Sam Malone when it comes to relationships, and this is something the show constantly jokes about. However Roz always has a comeback, and it is always the best. Roz focuses on her career (and later her daughter) above everything else. She is strong, and let’s be real, Frasier’s career depends on her.

2. Paris Gellar, Gilmore Girls

Paris is one of the most fascinating television characters. She steals every single scene she is in. Do I want to hear about Rory and Dean’s drama? Literally never. Do I watch Gilmore Girls specifically to hear Paris verbally murder someone? Always.

3. Frankie Bergstein, Grace & Frankie

Every single thing Frankie says is the new funniest thing I’ve ever heard. She is incredibly self confident and does not care about what anyone thinks. I love laughing with Frankie.

4. Moira Rose, Schitt’s Creek

Moira is so dramatic and self-centered and I LOVE it. Here is one of my fave Moira quotes:

“My great grandmother took it from her husband when she left him and it has been passed down through all the women in my family as emergency currency in case we need to leave our husbands in the middle of the night.”

5. Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill

B Davis is one of the most influential characters for me. Her character development has always been my favorite. Brooke starts believing in herself in season 3 and it is so beautiful to watch that growth.

6. Sue Heck, The Middle

Sue Heck is probably the most relatable character on this list. I have rarely watched The Middle and not felt like the character of Sue Heck’s was not wrote specifically for me.

7. Leslie Knope, Parks & Recreation

Okay, who doesn’t love Leslie Knope? I don’t think I need to explain my love for her.

8. Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

Liz Lemon is so easy to identify with. She is pathetic and full of negative qualities. But so funny and relatable. Also she has my dream job, she briefly dates Steve Martin, and she gers married to James Marsden

9. Beth Pearson, This Is Us

Beth Pearson is fierce. She says what needs to be said. She is strong. She brings jokes and happy moments to a show that makes me cry every episode. She is loyal and has everyone’s back. She is one of the best characters.

10. Penelope Garcia, Criminal Minds

Penelope brings so much heart to a show about serial killers. Remember when she said she volunteers with families in grief counseling? She is the best. She also has the funniest lines, and we are so blessed to have her.

All of these characters have a lot in common. They are strong, and independent. They are beautiful. They are funny. They are there for the people that they love. I love them so much and have loved learning from them.

Who are your fave female characters? Let me know!

Love, Hannah