25 Questions with Victoria

Today is the best day, because today is the day we get to celebrate one of my very best friends in the world – Victoria!! So I decided to do an interview with her for today and dedicate this blog to her! Victoria is one of my favorite people in the world and I want you all to be able to know her too 🙂

Q. What makes you feel most alive?

A. Honestly, being with people that I love and just having fun. And even just having deep conversations. Intentional time. 

Q. When do you feel your most vulnerable?

A. At 2 AM, while I’m snuggled up in my sweatshirt with my closest friends watching movies OR if someone else is being vulnerable (that I know). 

Q. Are you more afraid of death or not really living?

A. Not really living, because living is so great!

Q. What do you think makes me smile?

A. Well first, Frasier, aka Kelsey Grammer. I would say Queer Eye and all of the other wonderful shows we watch makes you smile (and cry). My face – surprising you, well that was also a surprised face, soo.. I would say your close friendships, seeing your kids that you watch, your boys, even though they’re absurd sometimes, amazing discounts at Old Navy, anything Old Navy, Aurora choosing to cuddle with you, reading a good book, you accomplishing your goals, my hilarious comments, having lots of money left over from shoping sprees.

Q. Do you think you are brave?

A. I do think I am brave. I would say sometimes it takes a few minutes (or more) to build up the courage but I think if it’s worth fighting for than I have to go for it.

Q.  Do you feel deserving of care?

A. I would say yes, I think there are times where I would say that level of care fluctuates but I do believe that I deserve to be cared for and loved. I am learning to try and demand the same for myself as I do for others and what they deserve. So I think very strongly that my friends deserve men who will treat them with respect, who will love them, who will fight for them, and I think I need to remember that I deserve that same as well. Yeah you do, girl!!! 

Q. Is it easy for you to show yourself love or speak kindly to yourself?

A. I would say yes, because it’s really fun. I love spoiling myself if I can, but I’ve learned how to kind of talk up myself, and that has changed my perception of myself and other people and how they should talk to themselves. How you talk to yourself is so important and I feel like I can be an advocate for others because I have worked so hard for that for myself. 

Q. What annoys you the most about people?

A. Okay, inflexibility. I would say, people who are very exclusive, I am a huge includer, so people who are the opposite of that. People who should know better in situations in leadership. People who drive exactly the speed limit, or slow down at yellow lights. Impatient people when it affects me. People who choose The Office over Parks & Rec. 

Q. What are you doing when you lose track of time?

A. I’m either taking selfies, reading a book – I’m not really a reader right now at school  because it will take priority over school and sleep, also games on my phone. Also just going for drives. 

Q. What makes me feel super loved?

A. Random texts from random people that say “hey this reminded me of you!” Hugs from people I am very close to. When people give me things like coffee and coffee cups. 

Q. What do you want people to feel when they’re around you?

A. I like that question! Peace, happiness, I want people to feel relaxed. I want people to trust me and always feel encouraged by me. 

Q. What do you keep apologizing for in your life?

A. Oh man, these are good. I feel like that has changed as I have grown up. I would say probably, right now, I feel like I have to apologize in my head for situations that I am involved in where people are hurt. Also, if I feel like I have inconvenienced someone. I don’t want anyone to feel disrespected by me, so if I feel like that has happened I feel terrible. 

Q. How do you want the world to see you?

A. This move was hard because I knew that it didn’t make a lot of sense to people. People didn’t know what my heart was for or that I had always felt called into ministry. I really want them to see me as confident, brave, and wise. 

Q. Who do you want to impact? Do you think that you can?

A. My close friends and people I live with is the current one, and I think I can. I think everyone impacts everyone somehow, positively is the key. I think it takes investment. Overall ministry I would like to impact children, youth, and women. I think I have stuff to offer, but I think I have so much growing to do before I am used in those areas. 

Q. What is a dream you have never said out loud?

A. This is stereotypical. I would love to be proposed to at Disney and have my wedding at a fancy location. The problem that I have with this dream that I will never have is that it inconveniences people too much. Also, I would like to be an evangelist/ministry type person – not to be famous, but to travel and meet people.

Q. What do you lie the most about?

A. How long it takes me to get out of bed – I will spend 2 hours sometimes getting out of bed. Also, how much homework I have done. 

Q. What do you use to cope when you’re feeling uncomfortable?

A. I observe the situation and pray.

Q. What makes you feel unstoppable?

A. Really good days, when I’ve had a good cup of coffee, had good conversations with friends, a good meal, a good class with lots of discussion, a really productive day. 

Q. How do you see me?

A. Hannah, you are one of my bestest friends! I think our friendship is so cool how it started out because I remember meeting you my first weeks at Evangel. I think you are one of the strongest advocates for people that I have ever met – that is for the boys at your house, society, for your friends. You just care about people so much, and you want the best for everybody. That has encouraged me a lot and I feel just as strongly for you so like when stuff happens I’m like “ah Hannah! She’s got this! yeah!” or like “ah why is this happening towards her! Darn that person!!” I think you’re so confident and you know who you are. You’re such an adult, I admire your adultness. You budget, what? And you still make time for yourself and I feel like I have seen you grow a lot in this. You’re so fun, I always have fun with you watching shows, and ranting, and screaming at people. I could go on forever, I love you so much! You are special! Oh my gosh, I am sobbing!!!!!

Q. Do you feel invisible or seen in the world?

A. This has changed throughout my life. In junior high I felt invisible because we moved around a lot. College has changed that a lot. I feel a lot more confident and happy to be seen than in the past. 

Q. What emotions do you experience the most?

A. I feel like I am typically slightly more than content. I would say at peace. I don’t like feeling outside of that. But I have a good mix of sad. Overall, happy. 

Q. What scares you the most?

A. I would say probably the idea of never feeling settled, feeling unrooted and not being able to plant myself. 

Q. What is most important to you – status, power, or money?

A. I choose money, I would have security and I could bless others and do fun things. 

Q. Is there anything you see inside of yourself you’re not sure of?

A. I have a very difficult time acknowledging my needs. I think I need the ability to see my needs and stand for them. I need to be aware of this. 

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Victoria, I know I loved it so much!!!! 

Love you forever Victoria, hope you had the best day!!