The One Where Hannah Forgot To Post

If the past few days are any indication of how the rest of December is going to go – it’s going to be a weird but exciting end of 2018.

Thursday I went back to work where I was bombarded with unfortunate news, and then discovered that someone I did not know had sent a letter to me to my work address. The letter was about my break up. Now, I love mail, and writing letters to people, but I can honestly say that I have never received mail at work before. I don’t necessarily feel comfortable with this, but it is definitely an interesting thing that happened.

Saturday morning I came into work and boys were awake? and getting along? and doing homework?? All super weird things, that made me question everything I’ve ever known. I think our elf on the shelf Bryan has really got to them!

Saturday was Jaclyn and another boy’s birthday, and all of the other boys were so sweet all day! Omelets and scotch eggs were made for breakfast, stir-fry for lunch, and a banana freezer cake for dessert. They also decorated their Christmas stockings, and we watched the Christmas Chronicle and played family feud!

But I want to talk about Jaclyn for a minute because it was her birthday and I was supposed to post this yesterday, whoops. Anyways, Jaclyn just randomly showed up at Footsteps one day, and now we are best friends. I spend more time with her than pretty much anyone else in my life. We are so similar, our coworker Melanie says that together we are the perfect person because I am hilarious, and Jaclyn is serious. However, all Jaclyn and I do when we’re together is laugh. We are roadtripping to Illinois together on Thursday and I am PSYCHED! (Surprise IL friends, I don’t think I’ve told too many of you, but can’t wait to see your faces!!!) but anyways, Jaclyn is the best ever and I love her so much!!

(The boys call me “Mom” and Jaclyn “Stepmom.” Jaclyn just asked why she can never be Mom, to which a boy said “you’re not ready for that yet.” 😂)

At the moment boys are making me a multiple course meal (unsure how many courses there will be, as they served me butternut squash soup and said “this is course #1” and I haven’t heard anything for awhile). Ah, the joys of parenting teenagers.

I hope all of you are having a great Sunday night!

Love, Hannah