Top Male TV Characters

Nearly a month ago I wrote my favorite blog post on my favorite female TV characters, so I figured it’s probably about time I talk about my favorite guys!

    Frasier Crane, FrasierI’m sure you’re all shocked and had no clue that I love Frasier, right? I know I’m pretty subtle. My dream day is spending hours in Cafe Nervosa talking about everything with Frasier. I strive to have his confidence and wit. I took a Buzzfeed quiz that told me that I AM Frasier, which made me so happy! The summary said that I am charming, sophisticated, and a great listener – at times I can be a little self-centered and dramatic but that’s what your friends/fans love most about you 💁🏻‍♀️ that seems pretty accurate. “Life is too short to dwell on every bump in the road. Try to take pleasure in the simple things. In short, eat a cookie.”
  • Luke Danes, Gilmore GirlsThere is nothing quite like a good Luke rant. Luke is hilarious especially when he is not trying to be. He has such a big heart, and is always there to help anyone. Remember when he moved Rory’s mattress in, and out, and then in again? And then he stored it in his truck? Or the time he made an ice skating rink for Lorelai? Ugh. He is the best!!
    Seth Cohen, The OC“Eureka, Ryan! Eu-freaking-reka!” Anyone who is raised by Sandy and Kirsten Cohen is going to be my favorite person. Seth is dramatic, and emotional, and so so awkward. And we all love him so. Also, while being one of the most awkward humans, he manages to publish his own comic book, and marry the girl he had a crush on his whole life who did not know he existed, so there’s hope for us all.
  • Woody Boyd, Cheers“You know I was thinking about this the other day and I think in my next life I’d like to come back as the President of France. I think it would attract a lot of business to the bar.” Oh, bless this man. I just want to hug him. Woody is adorable. Truly the cutest person on Cheers.
  • Keith Scott, One Tree HillI easily could have chose almost any male character from One Tree Hill, and not have to be sad while typing, but Keith is my #1 and deserves all of the attention. Think about it, without Keith there would not even be a TV show. Keith is the one who told Whitey to have Luke play basketball for the Ravens…do you know how boring that show would have been if Luke didn’t start playing on the team? So boring. Keith’s did not deserve most of what happened to him on this show. He is at least 50% responsible for all of Luke’s positive qualities, and we have much to thank him for.
  • Kenneth Parcell, 30 Rock“Oops. I just took my picture with that little camera thing. I just need to erase that picture. Whoops. I just made it the desktop image.” Kenneth and I share a passion for television. I also have a passion for everything Kenneth says ever. Throughout the series he says some of the weirdest/funniest things, and it kills me.
  • Craig Middlebrooks, Parks & RecreationBilly Eichner is always the funniest person wherever he is. I have a dream of running around NYC screaming at people with him. One day. (Watch Billy on the Street if you haven’t yet!!!) Anyways, Craig is hilarious.
  • Dewey Wilkerson, Malcom in the MiddleDewey is incredibly intelligent, which I don’t think anyone even realizes foe MULTIPLE seasons. He is manipulative, clumsy, and hilarious. Remember when he made Malcom and Reese write essays on the 50 reasons Dewey is greatest brother in the history of the universe? Classic.
  • Matt Camden, 7th HeavenMatt: what’s wrong with Lucy? Mary: God hates her. Matt: Still? You’d think after 13 years he’d move on to someone else. Nothing makes me happier than Matt Camden’s commentary on the family drama. The last few seasons when Matt was not around were so sad. My favorite Matt moments range from when he had to drive Mrs. Bing around, to when he was in med school and every one in his family kept calling him, to the time he tried to learn sign language from Simon before his date with Heather.
    Brick Heck, The Middle“Since we’re heading that way anyway, can we see my girlfriend in North Carolina?” Brick is the best. My favorite thing is when he “whoops” when he lies, and that he gives his mom information on his siblings in exchange for candy cigarettes. But I also relate to his love of reading. Also while I’m sitting here, I just realized how similar Dewey and Brick are, so makes sense that Brick is my favorite.
  • Who are your favorite male tv characters?? Let me know!
  • Love, Hannah
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