Christmas Chaos

Boy: Are you taking Christmas requests, Hannah?

Me: hmm, maybe…..why?

Boy: can you get me a cement pole from Walmart?

Me: uh….I’ll look into that.

I get the privilege to work on Christmas, and while my Mom may be upset about that, I personally am SO excited!!

We have an entire room full of presents for all of the boys, and they are dying just to get a peek at any present at all. I get so happy to be able to say “wow, I’m soo excited for you to open your presents!!” And then silently shrug and walk away when they ask what they are getting.

With the excitement of Christmas and no school, the Footsteps chaos is at a high point.

For example, last night I walked into the house to a boy playing a ukulele, another boy playing a guitar, video games blasting from one corner, sounds from our new arcade game (pictured below), a vacuum (LITERALLY NO ONE WAS VACUUMING, IT WAS JUST ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM!! WHO DOES THAT??), the phone ringing, and boys asking me to play the new board game we just got.

Now, as a person with ADD, this is a really good description of what the inside of my brain is like (fun times). However, I generally do much better when the environment I’m in is not like the inside of my brain…it’s nothing a quick hide in an office can’t fix – thank you to Curtis and Tyler for having comfy furniture and candy, and leaving their offices open to me!!!

Today I walked into the kitchen and was so horrified at the mess that I literally could not go past the door.. I don’t know how to explain the Footsteps kitchen to you, I guess imagine your kitchen, and add 20 teenage boys. And then, imagine that throughout the day each boy made enough food for 30 people, and then not one of those boys cleaned up any of their messes…and then whatever you’re imagining multiply it by 5, and you probably have an idea of what I saw. Sooo, when they asked me today if they could play our new board game, I said “LOL not until the kitchen is clean.”

And let me tell you, that kitchen got CLEAN!! And while they were cleaning, they blasted worship music!!!! It was so beautiful.

While I’m here, does anyone have a stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog they would be willing to give up or know where to find one before Christmas?? I’m on a mission to make some Christmas magic happen this year ☺️

Okay, I think that’s it for now!!

Love, Hannah