Merry Christmas!

“Hannah, I can’t wait for you to find a man and get married because I’m going to be soooo excited!! I’m going to be the ring holder!!” – one of my boys while watching the wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians

“I’ve always wanted to be the Pope….but I’m not Catholic.” – the same boy while we were playing What Do You Meme

Today started with trying to call my parents and both of their phones going straight to voicemail, a true McCormick classic.

I came into work at 9 AM. When I left at 11 last night a few of the boys had said they were going to wake up at 6 AM to open their presents – turns out they woke up at 5:45 AM. We had a breakfast buffet, so with the food coma, lack of sleep, and half the house not feeling well, it has been a pretty quiet day.

Later on half of the house saw Aquaman, and the other half saw The Grinch. We came back and most of the guys took naps or played video games.

I started not feeling very well so I took my temperature. One of the boys asked if he could check his too. We use thermometer covers – and about 5 minutes after he checked his temp, he came over and said “uhm, was that latex? Because I’m allergic to latex.” LOL. Thankfully it was not latex, so there won’t be any latex allergy related deaths today. (Sometimes my job is just making sure no one is dead, so this is always a win in my book.)

We found 9 free Redbox codes that have to be used by December 31st, so we’re watching Crazy Rich Asians right now, and Alpha is next. It has been the chillest day.

A church came by and donated meals to us, Melanie’s sister made us salad/pasta/breadsticks, and my second family The Braithwaite’s came by to give me food – how blessed are we? But also, I could fall asleep while typing after eating all of this delicious food.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in, and hang out with Kambria before going back to work.

Thursday I am driving back to Illinois to see my best friend Allison, celebrate Christmas with my family, and to see another one of my best friends Kayla get married!! There is so much excitement in that sentence I could burst!!

I hope all of you have enjoyed your day!

Love, Hannah