Christmas, Reunions, & Weddings, Oh My

Some people told me I should do a 2018 recap and I keep saying “but there are like 6 months of 2018 that I don’t even want to talk about…” but then I watched a video where a girl said it’s important to do end of year reviews so you can see how much you’ve grown, and be proud of yourself. That kinda changed my mind, but I’m still not doing a recap, sorry. I will say that I have grown, and I am proud of myself, but reviewing 2018 does not sound fun, and I would rather focus on right now. (I’ll talk about 2019 on Tuesday, too much has happened this weekend to do it now!)

Thursday I drove home to see my best friend. We had not seen each other since we both graduated in May of 2017. (This time we have plans to see each other in NC in March, so saying goodbye was not as traumatizing!!) It was so nice to be able to spend a few hours with Allison. We spent time with both of our families, got Dunkin’ Donuts, and went to Walmart – which altogether is not the most exciting list, but trust me, it was exciting!!

Allison decided to be like Oprah, and give her fave things of 2018: Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups (obsessed), Peter Thomas Roth face masks (I tried the rose stem cell one!), Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris perfume (omg!!), Mario Badescu facial spray (I’ve used it every night, and it’s amazing!), Bath & Body Works in shower moisturizer, and a framed pic of us!

Thursday night I celebrated Christmas with my parents and sister. They spoiled me as usual – I got the fitbit charge 3. It’s waterproof, and my Dad got me the lavender band which I’m in love with. They also got me more books, clothes, stuff for school, Ancestry DNA, etc. We ate chicken wings and watched Harry Potter, it was beautiful.

Friday I spent the day with my Dad. We got lunch at Panera and saw Aquaman, which I’m surprised to report that I enjoyed. Friday night Mom made dinner and we watched 3 episodes of Jack Ryan, and Ellen’s new Netflix special Relatable.

Saturday morning I got Ott’s with Mary-Margaret and Amber! We also went to Walmart, because that’s what you do in Rantoul. (We missed you Kenzie and Bridget!!) The 5 of us have kept our group chat going for at least 5 years, and it is one of my favorite things.

Tonight we are in Indiana for Kayla and Trey’s wedding! The ceremony was fun, the reception was beautiful, and I love nothing more than seeing these sweet friends. The 5 of us have been friends for over 15 years, and I love every moment I have with them. Also, their families treat me as their own, and it’s the best! Here is a picture of Donald and the love of his life, Peaches (with Doug in the background)

This weekend has been sooo fun, and I’m not ready for it to end!!!

I hope you’re all enjoying your last weekend of 2018 as well!

Love, Hannah