Justin Timberlake Prefers Cereal For Breakfast

I’m going to be honest, today I woke up from a 3 hour nap (that I had not planned on taking) and remembered that today is Saturday, and on Saturdays I write blog posts.

Naps are not normal for me. Generally once I wake up, I am up for the day.. however after a particularly stressful week at work, I needed those random 3 hours.

That nap was great for two reasons. 1) I fell asleep watching Seinfeld, and also woke up to Seinfeld. A good time. 2) Not only did this nap help me recover from the sleepover I had last night, but it helped me prepare for the sleepover I’m having tonight! (Sleepovers are my life on my off weeks, I have to get all of the social interaction possible in 3 days now that the youths are back at school!)

As for other life updates:

I am in the process of making some huge life changes, which I will talk about more in the future. But right now, I’m just focusing on saving/earning money for these said life changes. Unfortunately dreams just don’t come true on their own. So anyways, if you have any good money saving advice, or a part time job that will work with my crazy schedule available, or you need a babysitter, OR you have some extra money and would be willing to bless me even though I probably will never be able to pay you back….please let me know!!

This morning I got breakfast with Savannah, and the little girl I mentor – after that we went thrift store shopping and found the most amazing game…These “juicy” and “personal” facts are things like…Justin likes his eggs scrambled, but prefers cereal for breakfast! Meanwhile JC likes his eggs sunny side up!!! So very personal. But I loved every second of it, and will be making all of my friends play it – so brush up on your NSYNC trivia knowledge friends!! (My other fave game that I make my friends play is NSYNC uno 😎 they still love me, I am blessed.)

I am reading the last Harry Potter book right now (for the first time!!) My parents did not allow me to read/watch HP when I was younger because wizardry. Of course I saw half the movies in junior high at sleepovers, but I did not read any 700 page books out of rebellion. So, now, as a nearly 25 year old woman, who has seen all of the movies, I am reading the books, and I definitely wish I had read them before the movies.

Okay, that’s pretty much all the updates. I’ll have more for you Tuesday (:

Love, Hannah!