Pennsylvania: Pursue Your Happiness

Thursday we woke up around 2:40 AM, and were on the road before 3 AM to drive to Pittsburgh, PA.

Around 8 AM when we stopped in Mullberry Grove, IL – just a few miles past Greenville, IL where my parents met! I called my dad and he was surprised to learn that Mullberry Grove had a gas station. I told him it looked pretty new. Small town life.

After what felt like a million hours later, we finally made it to Pittsburgh, where we immediately went to Cracker Barrel, and I beat Kosette at checkers.

Once we actually got to our hotel, I happily jumped into bed and stayed there until around 6 AM Friday.

Throughout Friday and Saturday I kept score for 19 rounds of Bible Quiz at Allison Park Church. That is a lot of Bible Quiz, friends.

Friday night my wonderful friend Rachel came and picked me up and took me to her house.It’s the coolest. Then we went to a Thai restaurant called Elephant Silk! I got Pad Thai that was delicious, and seemed to multiply with every bite I ate.

Then we went to Trader Joes so I could get more dark chocolate peanut butter cups. A Trader Joes lady went out of her way to find me the pb cups! It was a beautiful exchange, and my hope in humanity was restored.

After that we went to The Milkshake Factory (because treat yo self) and I got a chocolate covered strawberry milkshake, which had an entire chocolate covered strawberry in it!!!Tonight everyone except Kosette and I just wanted to stay in the hotel. So we drove into Pittsburgh and went to Mount Washington to the overlook, which was the best decision! Pictures do not do this view justice. Also, I can’t explain the joy we get from going through the tunnel and coming out of the tunnel to see the skyline – it literally takes our breath away. It has been such a good early birthday weekend 😍

Love, Hannah