25 and all the life changes!!

Yesterday I turned 25! I also announced that I am moving to Portland, Oregon in August, which is pretty huge news as I have only lived in IL and MO for the past 25 years.

I want to explain the Oregon thing in a bit more detail. For the past 2 months I have felt pretty strongly that I have lived out my time in Springfield. I had applied to Missouri State’s MSW program in September. At that time I was dating someone and was pretty happy in Springfield – but was also ready to move to bigger things. I hoped that going back to school would help.

Very quickly after sending in my MSW application, my reason for staying in Springfield ceased to exist, as my relationship ended.

In December I came up with a list of reasons to stay in Springfield, and came up with 2 things – my family, and the youth group. As much as I adore both of these, that just did not seem like enough for me to stay.

I joked with my friend Michelle who had just moved to Portland that I should also just move to Portland. (I was 100% joking, I have never even been to Oregon or thought that it would be a good place to live!!) She told me about a grad school there – George Fox University. I did some research, prayed a lot, talked to a lot of people I knew loved me and that I trusted….and then I applied.

While filling out my application I literally did not feel any anxiety, which I felt was a pretty good sign. I have always been anxious about everything.

Fast forward to right now. It is February 4th. I don’t find out if I am accepted to George Fox until March 20th and I am starting to feel a little anxiety, as that feels so far away. I also feel like it’s pretty normal to feel anxious at such a huge move on your own. Also money is a huge issue right now.

I have been asked a lot if I will still go if I am not accepted. The good thing about finding out on March 20th (though it feels like years away) is that I will still have plenty of time to decide what I will do. If I don’t get accepted, I have a feeling that I will still go. I’m definitely at a place where I WANT to go, and I am ready.

As I had mentioned, money is a huge issue. Oregon is expensive. I know I’m pretty spoiled with the price of living here in Springfield. It is infuriating that I now have to make decisions based on money, but to try to ease stress I have done so many things to make more money.

With the help of my friend Sarah, I became an It Works! distributor, which I am soooo excited about!! I love all of the products I have tried and will be getting several new products in the next few weeks.

I applied to be an ad evaluator, a brand associate at Old Navy, and for multiple jobs on care.com. I already have been doing surveys online for money.

I have around 40% of the money saved for the minimum amount of money I need for car payments/car insurance, which is comforting, but then what about rent money? Clothes? Food? School? Life????

I honestly don’t know. Prayer has been the biggest thing. I am trusting God with everything, and while I am terrified, I also know that I will be okay. I cannot ruin God’s plans – I am not that powerful.

If you have any questions about my move or itworks, please let me know!! If you have any other money making ideas or some extra money you’d like to bless me with, also please let me know!!!!

(((Here are my birthday highlights!!)))

My friend Carlye offered to work for me (a 14 hr shift!!! Bless her soul!!)

My grandma made my favorite chocolate cake, and I got to go to the Alamo with my grandparents.

My uncle gifted me with the Frasier birthday picture!!

My girl Emily got me the cute raccoon (which I named Kelsey Grammer) and also “the perfect man” (which I also named Kelsey Grammer)

Love, Hannah