When I Can’t Sleep…

It’s 3:45 AM. I am scrolling through instagram, and see this picture

I thought “wow Tamera Mowry looks super tall!! How tall is Tamera Mowry?” And since it’s 2019, that is something I can find out in about 3 seconds thanks to Siri…Tamera Mowry is 5’5” – she looks super tall because Adrienne Bailon is 4’11”

Now it’s 4 AM and I have found myself scrolling through Jason Priestley’s 11 year old daughter’s instagram……I got to this very strange point in my life through a short series of clicks..

I follow Bart Johnson (Troy’s dad on High School Musical). He posted about his wife Robyn Lively’s birthday (Blake Lively’s half-sister). So I was scrolling through Bart’s instagram, and saw a post about his anniversary with his wife. I clicked on it, and Jason Priestley had commented on it wishing them a happy anniversary, so of course I spent a few minutes catching up with my pal Brandon Walsh. He had posted about a Beverly Hills 90210 eyeshadow palette his wife got, so then I went to her instagram, and saw a picture of Jason, and their 2 children skiing…and that is how I ended up on Jason Priestley’s 11 year old daughter’s instagram at 4 AM.

I also found myself watching videos of Drew Barrymore doing makeup, but I don’t feel like I need to explain that one as much.

Now it’s 4:30 AM, and I’m watching Frasier. I don’t have to do anything since it’s my off week so this continues until 5:30 AM, or until my Netflix freezes.

I finally fall asleep, just to wake up at 9 AM, and lay in my bed for an hour before finally deciding that I should probably get out of bed….

This is the productive life I lead. Luckily I have never needed a lot of sleep to function.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Love, Hannah