Let Bartlet Be Bartlet

Happy Presidents Day! Today I want to talk about my favorite president – Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen, from The West Wing)!

Jed Bartlet has the qualities that I want a president to have. He is intelligent, witty, charming, sensible, kind, and discerning. He is respectful of all cultures, and passionately fights for what he believes is right. Also, I want to be best friends with him – which is really how I decide if someone is a good president or not. (Joking! Sort of!)

Jed Bartlet is inspiring, and often says things that gives me chills, like:

“Naval Intelligence reports approximately 1200 Cubans left Havana this morning. Approximately 700 turned back due to severe weather, some 350 are missing and presumed dead, 137 have been taken into custody in Miami and are seeking asylum. With the clothes on their backs, they came through a storm. And the ones that didn’t die want a better life. And they want it here. Talk about impressive.”


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world.”

Along with giving me chills, he makes me laugh out loud.

Jed Bartlet isn’t perfect, even as a fake president, he has his flaws. He didn’t tell America that he had been diagnosed with MS, and he makes decisions based on emotions more than politics.

However, he crossed party lines and worked with Republicans. He wasn’t popular among extremists of either party, but was generally recognized as an effective leader by everyone else.

I know that all of the scenarios on The West Wing were made up, and we do not have the pleasure of knowing all of the ins and outs of what our real presidents are doing. This is probably for the best. However, it’s so much easier to pick a fictional president over a real president.

Who is your favorite president?

Love, Hannah