All Of The Best Things At Once!!

Hi friends!!

This blog has been hard to start because SO MUCH has/is happening and I get tired even thinking about where to start…but I’m going to give it a try. Prepare for lots of exciting things ahead!!

First of all, I got a 3rd job! (I consider It Works! to be a job, but it does not take a lot of time out of my day.) Anyways, this job is working for the sweetest old couple. It is incredibly different from my job working with youths…and much more physically challenging, but I am learning so much!!! It is a 2nd full time job, which might help explain why I am so tired.

And while I’m talking about It Works, I will add that I have lost more weight and feel so good!!!!! Also I earned my $100 shopping spree, so I’m pretty psyched about that.

I got my round trip flight tickets for North Carolina for $165!!!!!! It’s just a few weeks away, and I literally can’t sleep I’m so excited! (I had originally planned to drive to NC with my Mom, but she got a new job, so now I’m flying, which means I get more time with Allison!!!!)

I got an invitation from a family friend to attend a Christian writing conference in Estes Park, Colorado in May!! (Seriously, I am so blessed!! Like what???) I got the flight tickets for that the same time I got my NC tickets, so that was pretty overwhelming.

I had a pretty emotional/fun weekend with my fav kiddos at retreat last week. (Another reason I’m so tired!) They made me laugh and cry all weekend. I was the captain of the yellow team…we were the golden spuds. We tried to find a Bible verse featuring potatoes…the only one we found was in The Message (lolz) but please enjoy Carson’s beautiful drawing of Mr. Potato Head!!

A few hours after I got back from retreat I went to a black tie event at the Alamo for the Oscars..this was obviously the best night of my life


Yesterday it was announced that the original Beverly Hills 90210 cast will be making a comeback with a 6 episode series this summer!!!!!! I have only been wanting this since 7th grade. I made an insta story about it and IAN ZIERING REPLIED. Omg. (Special shout out to my bffs from jr high who sat through so many movies and shows because Ian Ziering was in them, you guys are the real MVPs)



Today I woke up to the news that THE JONAS BROTHERS are releasing a song at midnight… I HAVE BEEN LOSING MY MIND ALL DAY. The Jonas Brothers were not only my first heartbreak, but also my first love. While they hurt me more than any other person, and gave me the very intense trust issues I have, they will always be THE ones for me. I cannot imagine anything more exciting.

Honestly, there is probably more, but this already feels like a lot. Life is super exciting right now 😍😍😍

Love, Hannah