Gen Z on Beverly Hills 90210

I spend a majority of my free time with the teenage girls at my church. I take this role very seriously. I am more than aware that they value my perspective and opinion….so obviously when I get the opportunity to introduce them to my favorite TV shows/bands/movies, I take it, and I run with it.

This week the girls are on spring break, and I wanted to honor Luke Perry, so I decided to show them Beverly Hills 90210.

I have their thoughts recorded for your entertainment, though I will say being in the room with them when they scream from the awkwardness or the fashion choices is one million times better.


The geeks are so cute.

The fashion is coming back.

Brenda is an idiot, and Brandon is not as cute as every one thinks. Okay he got a little better with a hair cut.

I can’t tell if the blonde freshman or the brunette freshman is cuter. The brunette’s name is David and the blonde is more adorable. According to a quiz I’m David, I guess that’s okay, at least I’m not Brenda.

The surfer girl is an idiot and the guys she’s with are disgusting.

The biker dude (Dylan) Hannah likes is strange.


There are no good female characters!!!!



Brenda is a stupid butt

Tiffany is a punk

Luke Perry is the best actor

The sufer girl is an idiot who cant make her own decisions


Brandon got cuter after the haircut.

Nooooo don’t go to that party you’re so dumb.

She did not just go out with him! He’s like 50 years older!!!!!!

Uuuugggg I can’t even watch this it’s so embarrassing


The fashion is actually not terrible, there are some things that make me go “ah, puke” and then some that make me go “oh I would actually wear that”

Bangs were not a good look for Brenda, I liked her more before.

My favorite character is probably Dylan, and then maybe Andrea. Andrea reminds me of Kelsey from High School Musical.

Brenda is kind of an idiot.

I’m very sad Luke Perry died, he’s very cool.

Overall, the consensus was 90’s fashion is solid, except when Kelly wears leggings under her shorts, Brandon looks better without a mullet, Brenda is an idiot, and everyone mostly loves Luke Perry. ❤️

(I was very proud of the Andrea/Kelsey thought, Kam!!!)