Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Thursday morning my roommate Jessi and I left Springfield at 6 AM so I could make my 12 o’clock flight from Kansas City. I then had a 2 hour layover in Cincinnati, and then FINALLY landed in Charlotte where my best friend Allison picked me up.

Our first stop was Speedy’s Barbecue, which we were told was the best. Neither of us were super hungry so we got a few things to share…this was way more than enough food and it was only $11! Highlight was definitely the hush puppies 😋

When we got to Allison’s house we watched The Mule with Tyler.

Friday Allison made us delicious piña colada smoothies, and we went to Pilot Mountain State Park! Here is me and Allison with “the knob”

Then we walked around downtown Winston-Salem and found the coolest bookstore/coffee shop/bar. Another plus was it was a nonprofit.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, as we were driving to a grocery store, I got the email that I was ACCEPTED to the grad school I want to go to!!! which helped me be s bit less stressed the rest of the day, for sure.

After walking around downtown, Allison took me to an art gallery opening at a place called The Enrichment Center – an organization that empowers adults with disabilities.

I bought this cute little pig!!! All of the art was so fun, and I highly recommend going if you’re ever in the area!!

After this we had reservations at the Moravian restaurant in Old Salem. I’m still not 100% on what Moravian is, but I can say that Gordon Ramsay would approve of the risotto I had (also it was my first time having duck!!

Allison got us tickets to crossover rock/symphony was interesting, but our excitement did not match those around us…and we were a bit more excited about basketball, so we left to watch some March Madness.

Saturday Allison, Tyler, and I went to brunch at a restaurant called Sweet Potatoes…I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of food they had there…well, it was a lot of sweet potatoes, but it was also delicious. Their slogan is “not soul food, but food that feeds the soul.” My soul felt happy.

Allison took me to her favorite spot at a vineyard about an hour away, and she also made us smashed Italian sandwiches and the best fruit salad I’ve ever had for a picnic.

When we got back we both took naps, and then we ordered Buffalo Wild Wings and watched A Simple Favor with Tyler. (HOW has Blake Lively not aged???! Tell us your secrets Blake!!)

Now we are going to bed, because TOMORROW WE GO TO WILMINGTON!!!!

What a time to be alive.

Love, Hannah