Well You Know What They Say In Germany…..

A little over a month ago my favorite person, Walt Ludwig, suffered a massive stroke, and about 2 weeks ago he passed away.

Walt has been in my life literally since the day I was born (which is also the day he was born). We have either celebratied our birthdays together, or called each other on our birthday for the past 25 years. He always called me his “twinny,” even though he was 62 years older than me. One year on our birthday he got me a giant 1 lb Hershey bar, it was amazing.

Along with being my twinny, Walt was a 2nd grandpa to me. When my grandparents moved away, he picked my sister and me up from the bus, came to grandparents day, and many other events for us.

I was able to go home to see Walt in the hospital a few days after his stroke. I will forever be thankful that I had that opportunity.

It’s very hard to adequately describe Walt in words, which is one of the main reasons I have put this blog off.

Walt loved the people around him better than anyone I’ve ever known. He served God. He helped anyone and everyone with anything and everything – for example he gave me a futon when I didn’t have a couch, he gave my parents an air conditioner unit, a vehicle, and a king size bed when they needed it, etc.

Walt was also very funny. Many of his jokes didn’t make sense…most of his jokes didn’t make sense. One of my favorite things he has said was when we were visiting my grandparents in Arkansas in October. My grandma wanted to set me up with a stranger. Walt told me that if I got there and he wasn’t cute that I could just tell him my name is Stacey….this doesn’t make any sense at all, but I will keep that advice with me for when I meet guys who aren’t cute…who knows, maybe Walt was on to something.

Another one of my favorite things Walt did would be if people from other tables left food at restaurants, he would literally go eat off their table while we were waiting to sit. This was horribly embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.

At Walt’s funeral my grandma said “to know Walt was to love Walt” and I can’t think of anything more accurate.

My heart breaks thinking about going home and not being able to go out to eat with Walt, or call him on our birthday, but I am thankful for all of the memories I have with him.

I love you, Walt!