Quality Time & Financial Disasters

This off week was probably one of my favorites. It started with my Dad coming into town Thursday night – we got dinner at The Roost, a bar and grill down the street from my apartment, and then watched Black Panther.

Friday morning we saw Shazam, and I was pleasantly surprised. Shortly after that my Dad went to go help my sister pack up her dorm, and I went to the other side of Evangel’s campus to hang out with Victoria! Victoria came from Minnesota to spend time with me…and I guess see her friends graduate, but whatever.

We went to Krispy Kreme and drove around rainy Springfield. It was beautiful. Then we both conveniently had different plans to get dinner at Black Sheep so we went downtown and walked forever in the rain. We even had one of those movie moments where a bus drove by us and splashed us…except we were so happy to be together we didn’t even care.

Friday night my cousin Evie stayed the night so she could watch Infinity War before she saw Endgame. (I’m not emotionally ready to talk about Endgame yet, but expect a blog on that soon!)

Saturday was free comic book day. Dad and I attempted to get some comic books, but weren’t as passionate as those waiting in line….so we went to Chick-fil-A instead! Then I picked Victoria up and went to go see Kambria and Kosette at their Bible Quiz tournament…which turned out to be all the drama we had been searching for. Someone realized they had accidentally printed out the middle school questions and mass chaos ensued. A girl on their team said she needed to get to Prom, while Kam and Kosette were naturally too preoccupied with having to get to Endgame. Luckily it all worked itself out, and everyone got to where they needed to be.

After Bible Quiz we quickly ran back to my apartment to drop stuff off, and just as quickly got back in the car to pick up Emily to get to Endgame! Savannah met us there.

Okay, this was my 3rd time seeing Endgame, and of course I cried, but these sweet girls sobbed so loudly for the entire last hour that I genuinely thought they would throw up.

We went back to my apartment, drank hot chocolate, and watched happy rom-coms to ease our emotional pain.

Sunday was church, and then getting lunch with my family. Blake and I wanted to watch Iron Man…Garrett finally agreed, but said he would be unhappy about it. We ate pizza and my Uncle Kent’s famous cookies.

Then Kosette and I went shopping for swimsuits (my own personal hell). I ended up finding the bottoms I needed for my first “bikini” ever! It’s the most exciting.

That night Victoria and I watched Zac Efron play Ted Bundy and ate Papa Murphy’s pizza. We also didn’t set an alarm, which was wonderful.

Monday morning (morning might be pushing it….it was like noon) we decided to get our fave coffee – Darkstone.

Now before I get too deep into this story, maybe this is your first time reading my blog and you think I’m a well put together, financially stable 25 year old college graduate……I’m here to report that is not the case. My bank account is more like that of a 7 year old who occasionally does chores and instead of their parents giving them their allowance, they put it in the bank.

So we go to get coffee. My total is $4.50. My debit card is declined. I think “how can this be, I definitely had $30.” So I look at my bank account and somehow there is $400 missing…what.

Then I remember wanting to transfer $400 from my online savings account to my checking……somehow the opposite happened, and boy what drama that has caused.

I immediately (after Victoria so wonderfully paid for my coffee) called Ally to let them know that a terrible mistake has been made. I was put on hold, and then the man came back on the phone and said “I’m so sorry, but it’s passed the point of no return.”


He then said “Also, I say this with no joy, but your account may be put on restriction.” I asked what that meant, and he said “imagine a really slow game of tennis…” what? Aren’t all games of tennis slow??

Anyways, after that I called my bank in Rantoul to let them know of the disaster that is my life. Thankfully they’re wonderful there and have known me all 25 years of my life.

The good news is my financial crisis will be okay very soon! The bad news is this is very on brand with who I am.

Tomorrow I go back to work BUT I only work half a week because Monday I go to Estes Park, Colorado for a writing conference!!! I’m so excited for this opportunity, and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Love, Hannah