Happy Mother’s Day!

This weekend we get to celebrate all the moms in our lives! I’ve been extra blessed with not only an incredible mom, but a myriad of wonderful mom role models (family members, friend’s moms, teachers, coaches, women in the church, coworkers, etc). I am well aware that my relationships with these women have helped shape who I am today, and I value their support immensely.

Obviously I’m biased, but my mom is definitely the GOAT (greatest of all time for my non-millennial/gen-z readers). From dropping everything and driving 7 hours to be with me when my boyfriend broke up with me, to treating all of my friends like they’re part of our family, to supporting all of my dreams (even when it means moving to the other side of the country).

My mom has always embraced my love for pop culture, though she did complain that Haley and I talked about celebrities like they were our real friends….but that’s because they are our real friends….

Anyways, because I did learn my love for television from my mom (whether she will admit to that or not), I wanted to take some time to also talk about the TV moms that have greatly affected my life.

Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

“You have so many years of screw-ups ahead of you.” I used to think that was such a negative way of looking at things…and then I grew up…and I have so many years of screw-ups ahead of me. Lorelai reminds me that life is messy, and everyone makes mistakes. Lorelai and I also both use humor as a defense mechanism.

Karen Roe, One Tree Hill

Due to the dysfunction of the other Tree Hill parents, Karen was everyone’s mom – and she was good at it. Karen is supportive and strong. She takes risks and gives chances. My favorite thing Karen does is run against Dan for mayor out of spite. She is the coolest.

Annie Camden, 7th Heaven

Annie Camden is the mom I grew up with the most. I have always been so impressed with her ability to cook, build things, fix the plumbing, make clothes for her family, etc. She could do anything!! Also, when she was pregnant with the twins there was an episode where she was craving a banana split and Eric had to go get her one…literally because of this episode every time a pregnant woman came up to my window when I worked at DQ, I assumed they were going to order a banana split.

Carey Martin, Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Carey Martin’s sass absolutely shaped my sense of humor growing up. Carey is a very loving mother, and somehow managed to live her dream as a singer while also providing a home for her boys – in a literal hotel. She is wise, and is always giving the youths advice. My favorite episode is when Jesse McCartney comes to the hotel, but she thinks Paul McCartney is coming and she starts screaming. So relatable.

Linda Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

Alriiiiiiiight! Linda is the most fun mom on this list – she is truly hilarious. She supports her family no matter what crazy situations they get into, but especially with Bob’s dream to own a restaurant. She has a love for dinner theater and singing that really goes unmatched.

Kristen Cohen, The OC

Kristen Cohen’s coping mechanism of denial is very similar to my mom’s. Remember in the very first episode when Kirsten didn’t want Ryan in her home? And oh how things did change for her. Her relationship with Ryan is one of my favorites.

Elizabeth McCord, Madam Secretary

Elizabeth McCord has the coolest job out of the moms of this list – the United States Secretary of State, and briefly the president for a few hours at one point. She is strong, speaks like 5 languages, tracks terrorists, ya know all that cool stuff. But at the same time, she makes time to go to her kids’ sports events & school meetings. The family eats dinner together, and then Elizabeth and Henry talk about how worried they are about their children…just a normal family like the rest of us.

Amy Matthews, Boy Meets World

Can you imagine being Eric Matthews’ mom? That woman had a lot of patience. Not to mention that she also had to deal with Cory and Shawn. And then she had two more kids AFTER Cory and Eric. Incredible. She was incredibly understanding and calm. I think it’s safe to say she was the one voice of reason in their house.

There are so many more moms I could talk about – both fictional and nonfictional, but it would probably turn into a book, and this isn’t the right format for that, and I’m so tired…

I hope all of the moms in the world feel so loved, encouragced, and valued!

Love, Hannah