Bittersweet July

Today is July 1st, which means it’s moving month…which means I have less than a month left of living in the Midwest.

July is also vacation month, which means I actually only have 3 weeks left in the Midwest.

That’s insane….and exhausting.

I have spent May and June avoiding any and all negative feelings, while July is nothing but lasts and goodbyes. I can’t say I’m necessarily looking forward to it.

I can say that I’m psyched to go back to school. My practicum will be in a middle school/high school, which is my dream. I’m excited to live in a place where mountains and beaches are in my reach (a 14 hour drive or an expensive flight is not needed). I also can’t wait to live with Michelle again!!

However, I know that in a month I will have to break up with the Alamo, and I will have to move on. Finding a new movie theater in Portland will truly break my heart. I don’t want to do that…but the closest Alamo is in San Francisco, which is 12 hours away….so move on I must.

I’m not too heartbroken about any restaurants/coffee shops, because I’m actually more excited about Portland for that. Although I do have a list of places I need to go before I leave, so hit me up if you wanna get coffee or lunch.

I can’t even talk about saying goodbye to my friends and family – though I know I’ll be back to visit..maybe I’ll write a blog about that when I’m actually in Portland.

Mostly life right now is bittersweet. I am so excited for this change, and all the new things I will get to experience – but man I wish it wasn’t so hard.

Okay, I’ll probably write another blog on vacation, but this is all for now.

Love, Hannah