“Landry ruined my vacation!”

Last week I went on vacation to Perdido Key with some of my favorite people.

When I say I needed this vacation, I REALLY needed this vacation. An entire week to not do anything, except lay on the beach?? I didn’t even count calories! It was amazing to not stress about work, or moving, or money, or whatever other stupid things I worry about everyday.

Basically, every day we woke up, went to the beach, went to the pool, took a nap, had dinner, slept, repeat. And it was the best ever. Also look at how beautiful the beach was!!!


Because I was with 3 of the funniest kids (pictured below), I kept an open note for all of the hilarious quotes, and now I’m going to share them with you.

Hazel: I want to play a game!

Me: okay, what game?

Hazel: I spy!

Me: okay, you go first!

Hazel: I spy……trees! Okay you go!

Hazel screaming: EVERLY DID YOU POOP?

Everly: YEAH


Kim: I’m taking care of it


rain pounding on window

Landry: oh, it’s raining!

me: yep

Landry: you know how I found that out?

Me: ….you heard the rain outside?

Landry: nope, snapchat maps shows me her phone

Grayson: they went out there and that’s when I started crying.

Landry: should I put my crocs in sports mode?

Me: why aren’t you asleep??

Everly: whispering the google

Ryan: Everyone was fine until that movie came out and that stupid spork.

Landry: have you ever been to the Sunshine State?

Grayson (to stranger): do you want to guess what my name is?

Kim: you’re hyperventilating over a kool-aid jammer!

Grayson: I already forgot what our house looks like.

Grayson: First of all, I’m mad at Aunt Landry, second, Landry ruined my vacation!


The one thing I really want to share, I can’t, but if you’re ever around my cousin Landry PLEASE ask her to show you her karaoke videos. She will happily show you with so much confidence. It is the most incredible experience.

I am incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to spend quality time with my family in such a beautiful place!

Now I just have a few days left in Springfield before my parents and I drive across the country to move me to Portland!!

Pray for me as I try to fit all of my belongings in two vehicles!

Love, Hannah