All the Updates!!!

In the last 2 weeks of July I drove through fifteen states. I’m still tired, and if I never got in a car again it would be okay with me…which is of course incredibly unrealistic, and yet I still wish for it.

The day before I moved to Portland my girls threw a going away party for me. It was beautiful. They all made me handmade gifts that ranged from scrunchies to stickers of my favorite things to a scrapbook. I cried a lot, it is not easy to leave them – I have been texting/face-timing them everyday.

(Kambria wrote me an stunning two page letter ((single spaced)) and it featured one of my favorite Frasier quotes. She didn’t know it was one of my favorites, which made it even better!!)

As for Portland, my parents left a few days ago and I’m actually surprised at how well I’m settling in..not to say I thought I would fail, but I didn’t think it would come together this quickly.

My apartment is so cute. I have a second job interview at H&M later today. There is a movie theater 2 minutes from my apartment (dangerous, but amazing). I have groceries (I did not have groceries in Springfield). I got a gym membership and have already lost 3 lbs since being here!!

I have a dating life?!?!? (if I have a date planned with you – my mom is super worried about me getting murdered, so it’d be cool if you didn’t murder me because I’m really trying to prove her wrong about the whole city life thing, thanks.)

Another thing I have that I didn’t think I would have right away is people! I have some family friends and friends of family here that I’ve already connected with, and it makes this transition a million times easier!

And of course I have Michelle, we had a pretty great self care night last night, and have been finding some real gems on Netflix.

School will be starting soon, so I won’t have as much free time as I do now, but I’m so excited to get back to learning and have a routine!!

I think that’s it for updates. I will hopefully be writing more now, but for now this is my life!

Love, Hannah

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